Woodlands Farm is a fragment of London's old countryside that offers a unique opportunity to conserve heritage landscape and promote biodiversity.


At heart this is a conservation and development project.


The ambitions of The Woodlands Farm Trust are to:


1. build a truly sustainable future through sensitive farming using native stock and working towards a sustainable, harmonious practice, minimising the impact of activities on the environment both local and global.

2. maintain the farm as a community resource, giving volunteers and the community access to education, training, experiences and tasks that they might not otherwise encounter.

3. conserve and improve the biodiversity of our 89 acres.

4. create a sustainable operating and financial structure for the future.



The British Saddleback

The British Saddleback is the result of a combination of two similar breeds, the Essex and Wessex Saddleback, in 1967.  The reason these breeds were combined was to produce a dual-purpose pig which could be used for pork and bacon production.  The breed is very hardy and the sows are very good mothers.


For more information about pigs in farming visit the British Pig Association.


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