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Hedge-Laying Course

Take part in a full day of hands-on hedge-laying while learning all about the skill and why it is done here at the Woodlands Farm Trust. The day will cover topics including preparing the ground around the hedge, how to use hedge-laying tools, cutting of wooden stakes and hazel bindings and the skilled art of ‘pleaching’ (slicing the stem of a tree just enough to keep it alive and make it supple enough to become part of the laid hedge).

The session runs from 8am - 4pm, with a lunch hour break (please bring your own lunch).

We will supply all the required tools including axes, billhooks, pruning saws and eye protection. Suitable gloves such as welding gauntlets are required. If you do have your own tools and protection, please bring these with you making sure all tools have been sharpened beforehand. You will be cutting with hand tools. If any chainsaw cutting is required, this will be undertaken by the instructor for safety reasons.

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