Woodlands Farm is a fragment of London's old countryside that offers a unique opportunity to conserve heritage landscape and promote biodiversity.


At heart this is a conservation and development project.


The ambitions of The Woodlands Farm Trust are to:


1. build a truly sustainable future through sensitive farming using native stock and working towards a sustainable, harmonious practice, minimising the impact of activities on the environment both local and global.

2. maintain the farm as a community resource, giving volunteers and the community access to education, training, experiences and tasks that they might not otherwise encounter.

3. conserve and improve the biodiversity of our 89 acres.

4. create a sustainable operating and financial structure for the future.



Red Devon

This breed of cattle is known as North Devon cattle, Ruby Red or Devon Ruby.  The ruby and red names are inspired by their red coat.  They originate from the county of Devon and are related to the ancient red bovines of England of which several other ‘red’ breeds of cattle are also descended from. The first official record of this breed is from 1850 when the Devon herd book was created. They have been traditionally used for both milk and beef production, however are now predominantly bred as beef cattle.‚Äč




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