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The Tamworth pig originated in Ireland where they were called ‘Irish Grazers’. Sir Robert Peel was impressed by these pigs, so around 1812 brought them back to his English estate, which the pigs now take their name from, the village of Tamworth in Staffordshire. This breed were normally kept in forest of oak and beech where they would be allowed to forage in autumn and winter. The characteristics of this breed of pig reflect the outdoor life they were bred for – with long snouts for be efficient forages, strong legs for travelling large distances and their redish coats make them adaptable to different climates.

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Oxford Sandy and Black

This breed is recognised by their ginger coat with black spots. We have two adult sows, which each had 10 piglets in September 2023.

Pigs are pregnant for 3 months, 3 weeks, and 3 days.

Pigs are very clean animals and will not go to the toilet in the same place as they sleep.

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